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How We Work with You



Over the years, hundreds of travelers have entrusted their travel plans to our professional and experienced consultants.  Your vacation time is precious and we guarantee to deliver you a seamless “trip of a lifetime”.

Initial Consultation:   During our initial phone discussions, our Destination Specialists will need as much information from you as possible to best meet your needs.   We ask you questions in order to obtain your interests, travel preferences, style and budget, together with the destinations on your wish-list.  Transportation choices, transfers, lodging type and activities. We want you to be involved in the planning stages, so the more we get to know you the more personalized our proposal can be.
In addition, Pacific Destination Center takes your privacy very seriously and you can be assured that we will never distribute, sell or rent your information to anyone else.

Trip Planning fee:    When you are ready to hand over the reins to your Destination Specialist, a Non-Refundable $250.00 planning fee* will start you on your journey.

We then work on providing you with a customized tailor-made PRELIMINARY ITINERARY with estimated trip cost; We check availability, flight routings and customize your touring components to make sure we are within your budget; If you like, you can request changes and we provide one revision at no additional cost. We want to ensure your trip is exactly what you are looking for.

Consultation for ‘do-it-yourself ‘ arrangements:         We understand some people like to make their own arrangements and wish to talk to a professional to ensure they are on the right track.   If you require individual consultations (answers to questions, logistics, assistance with itinerary planning, in-depth dining, or any other advice & information) and prefer to book, or have already booked, your own arrangements, time will be billed at the rate of $75 per hour with a 2-hour minimum, payable in advance.

Booking Your Trip:   On receipt of your written approval of the preliminary itinerary and payment of the non-refundable deposit of $500 per person, (which will be applied to your final costs) we book all of your travel arrangements and prepare CONFIRMED ITINERARY, including all travel arrangements and specifying transportation, lodging, events, and activities for your review and acceptance or, as necessary, modifications.

Acceptance:  Payment of the deposit constitutes acceptance of the terms listed in this agreement.

Note:  We charge a $100 handling fee to book services less than a combined 3-day package (hotel, transfers or excursions)

Inclusions:     Only the specific arrangements listed in the Confirmed Itinerary are included.  Items of a personal nature, not listed in the final itinerary, including but not limited to telephone calls, beverages, meals not listed, laundry, tips, surcharges by travel service providers, baggage handling fees, passport or visa fees, airport departure taxes, airline excess baggage fees, fuel surcharges, optional sightseeing excursions, and similar expenses are not included and are at Traveler’s expense.
Acceptance by you, in writing, constitutes the FINAL CONFIRMED ITINERARY.

Prices:   Your cost, set forth in the final confirmed itinerary, is set in U.S. Dollars, based on current tariffs, contracted for in advance, set as of the date on which the non-refundable deposit is credited to the final confirmed itinerary.  Costs are subject to Exchange rate fluctuations for each respective foreign currency.  Rate fluctuations cease on receipt, by Pacific Destinations, of your final payment.  Adjustments will be made as necessary without prior notification in the event of changes.  Confirmation of the arrangements identified in the final confirmed itinerary occurs only after our receipt of your payment.

Cost of services and facilities may increase due to new or increased taxes or additional charges by suppliers which will be passed on to Traveler in all cases, provided that Traveler receives written notification of said increases prior to the commencement of the travel.

Package prices include associated costs** relative to itinerary preparation and planning, currency transfer and booking procedures and the service of the local tour operators representing Pacific Destination Center. In each case the quoted cost represents a complete package price, and an itemization of individual component costs will not be rendered under any circumstances.

** This includes research, issuing service vouchers, monitoring travel arrangements before, during & after your trip and 24/7 customer service during your stay in the destination.

Amendments/Revisions:   Extensions and/or additional services to the final confirmed itinerary, increasing the period of travel, and/or additional destinations are available, without fee payable to Pacific Destinations, subject to your payment for the additional charges involved.  Additional charges apply and must be paid for within the established payment schedule.

You may make changes to the final itinerary at any time prior to the commencement of travel, provided, however that the availability of services, including but not limited to transportation and lodging, and the cost are subject to change.   In addition to all additional costs involved, fees to us are required: prior to the issuance of any travel documents, a fee of $35 per amendment; after issuance of any travel documents, a fee of $150 per amendment.  Once travel has commenced, any amendment or revision shall require additional fees to be established at the time of the request.

We reserve the right to make changes in the travel arrangements. If changes are necessary, our sole responsibility is to notify you immediately and offer either alternative comparable travel service or refund that specific service in full.

A request for a Refund on a specific Travel Service included during your trip must be sent in writing within 30 days after your return trip. A refund received after this time frame will not be accepted for any reason.

Last Minute Bookings:   For all requests for reservations made within 14 days of the date of departure, costs include a fee of $100 per booking charge, any and all other charges involved, plus all costs incurred for overnight delivery fees and other charges necessary to deliver  travel documents and secure the requested arrangements.

Final Payment:    A payment schedule, part of the final confirmed itinerary, is based on total cost, the period between crediting of the non-refundable deposit to the final itinerary costs, with the final payment for all travel is due no later than the 60th day prior to departure.  Receipt of final payment freezes the costs and protects Traveler against any further increases in cost.

Airfares & Tickets:    Airfare, if purchased from us, is separate from the payment schedule and must be received by us on the date established by the airline to guarantee airfare.  Airfares are quoted with all taxes and fees. Some Airline tickets are 100% non- refundable and changes, after issuance depends on the policy of the specific airline.  Terms and conditions are set by airlines and charges for any changes are dependent on the airline involved and the fare purchased.  If you choose to purchase your own airfares, Pacific Destinations is not involved is said transactions.

Cancellation Fees:    Fees payable to us are incurred upon cancellation by you after the final confirmed itinerary is issued and are determined from the date when we receive your written notice of cancellation, measured against the scheduled date of departure:  within 60 days, the  full deposit received; for shorter periods, based on the date of departure and measured against full payment — between 59 and 30 days,  35%;     between 29 and 15 days,  50%;     14 days or less,  100%.

Suppliers of travel services, including but not limited to  hotels, resorts, islands, and/or tour companies contracted with to provide the travel services as set forth in the final confirmed itinerary, including any and all modifications or amendments, may impose additional fees.  Special cancellation conditions apply to all Luxury accommodations, Cruises, Island Resorts, Charter vessels,  Rail and Guided Walks, and during special event periods such as New Year’s Eve and Christmas.  Details on request.

Passports/Visas:       You are required to have a passport which is valid for a period of six months beyond the date of travel and are solely responsible for obtaining all visas necessary for the locations included in the final confirmed itinerary.  Specific information related to visa requirements will be provided based on the final confirmed itinerary.

Travel Insurance:    Now’s the time to consider purchasing a travel protection plan to help protect your travel investment. For more information on the available plans or to enroll, go to or contact Travelex Insurance Services at 800-228-9792 and reference location number 05-3310.

Travel Insurance is underwritten by, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company, NAIC #22276. W20

California State Registration # 2023415-40
Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California

Important:   Please refer to our General Terms & Conditions for the important legal information.


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