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Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea is an equatorial wonderland of mountain and lowland rain forests featuring some of the most remarkable biological diversity on the planet. It has over 700 fascinating languages and cultures, yet it is a country visited by only a handful of tourists each

PNG as it is fondly called, is like Australia, a land of marsupials, but it is best know for its birds. The birds of Paradise are no doubt the most famous but it also has a wealth of parrots, particularly at the lower altitudes. If you have clients interested in birds then PNG is the place to send them.

PNG has everything that an adventurer could want, great landscapes of huge mountains and large meandering rivers with wonderful Wilderness Lodges to stay in.

The HighlandsSo well hidden are the mountain valleys in Papua New Guinea that a million people lived there unknown until the 1930’s. The Highlands are breathtaking – a world straight from the pages of a National Geographic Magazine. Steep sided hills plunge down to coffee plantations laid out in neat squares on the valley floors. Thatched houses guard the hilltops and swift flowing, jungle fringed rivers dissect the land, like silver blades.

The people who have lived in these hills for thousands of years are fierce warriors who occasionally still engage in tribal battles between themselves. The colorful “sing sing” is a full blooded show of strength calculated to astound its audience. To witness these plumed warriors chanting and pounding the earth is to see one of the worlds great dramas.

The annual Mt. Hagen Show (August) is the single largest display of Papua New Guinea’s colorful and diverse cultures. The country has more than 700 known languages and each represents a distinct cultural tribal group.

Papua New Guinea Girl in Traditional DressThe Highlanders are known for their fiercely aggressive competition at the Show and will be out in their thousands to participate. They take great care in adornment of body decor, face painting and head dresses of the Bird of Paradise plumage. Visitors have the opportunity to witness this preparation

The Show tours fill up fast as there is only very limited accommodation in Mount Hagen, so, book well in advance for the experience of a lifetime.

Book early to see this spectacle today…tomorrow it won’t be the same!

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