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Samoa has proudly preserved an age-old culture and authentic village lifestyles. It is here that Robert Louis Stevenson spent his last years, finding solace in the tranquility of this country, so richly steeped in tradition.

A fully independent state, (not to be confused with neighboring American Samoa), Samoa is a postcard of natural beauty consisting of 9 islands, each offering very distinct and different environments to explore

The main islands are Upolu and Savai’i. There are two others, Apolima and Manono, and five uninhabited islets.

The Samoans cling proudly to their 3,000 year-old Polynesian culture and heritage, and visitors are encouraged to learn about and participate in their way of life. A visit to Samoa will leave you with a heartfelt appreciation of the true allure and beauty of the Samoan islands, and its people.

The Capital of Samoa is Apia, a colorful, historic, old South Seas Town, on the island of Upolu. The largest island, Savai’i, is the biggest island in all of Polynesia outside of Hawaii and New Zealand.

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