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Chillin’ in the Cook Islands

Chillin’ in the Cook Islands

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We had a great trip to Aitutaki and Raratonga!!! You were right, it is a very laid back island atmosphere. We liked that and the people. We rented a car on Aitutaki and a one day rental on Raratonga, drove all over the islands, and after 5 days(Aitutaki) returned the car STILL with a full tank of gas!! The Aitutaki Adventure Lagoon cruise was AWESOME! It was the highlight of the trip! Puna, the captain was very knowledgeable and entertaining. We had a great time and highly recommend you and your travel agency. Thanks for all your recommendations, they were right on. We expect to return to the Cooks in the next year or two and we will definetely keep you in mind with our booking plans!!

George J.      Cook Islands


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