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3-Day Phuket Culinary Adventure


This 3 Day Phuket Culinary Adventure showcases well-known local restaurants, a cooking lesson, and a visit to the local market.

Phuket is an amazing melting pot of cultures and cuisine, one of the most widely present cultural representations, immediately evident as you walk around the town. The Chinese influence here is positively reflected into the local Phuket food.

PHUKET – 3 Days / 2 Nights

Pick up upon arrival at Phuket International Airport.

Start your first day of culinary adventure with local brunch at Lock Tien one of the most well-known local restaurants in Phuket town for tasting original Hokkien fried noodles of Phuket and other local dishes.

Afterwards, discover the non-touristic Phuket town, wander along the roads representing the architecture of Phuket’s history and its unique style called “Sino-Portuguese architecture Style”. These buildings have been carefully designed and well decorated which we can admire. You will visit an old Chinese temple and walk pass the old colonial mansions, the small food and fruit stalls. Taste some Thai fruits and snacks along the way. Don’t miss a famous snack called khanom Ahpong, a crispy rolled up crepe. It’s a very popular snack known in Phuket.

Continue city visit to Thaihua Museum, small present the story and recipe of Phuket Baba cuisine, which is formed from the combination of spicy southern Thai food, local Malay food, Indian spices and Chinese dishes, were mostly influenced by Penang.

Dinner at Tu Kab Khao Restaurant. Undoubtedly one of the most well-known restaurants that serves Phuket cuisine in the town. Set in a beautiful colonial building, Tu Kab Khao Restaurant is decorated in traditional Penang style. Here you can find a number of special southern dishes that are native to Phuket. Their signature dish, and a Thai Chinese dish that’s unique to Phuket, is Moo Hong, a braised chunks of pork in a rich and flavorsome pepper sauce. Also a must try dish, Mee Gaeng Poo, a spicy curry of boneless nuggets of juicy sweet crab in coconut milk with wild betel leaves served with thin rice vermicelli noodles. In addition to the classics recipes, they also have handsome cocktails like the Baba-Nyonya, which plays on Peranakan culture by mixing two glasses into one drink, symbolizing the inter-marriage between Chinese men and Malay ladies. Raya is well worth a meal for a high end Phuket cuisine experience. Return to hotel.

Phuket is located approximately 862 kilometres south of Bangkok. There are only two seasons in a year the green season (May to October) and the hot season (November to April). Phuket is divided into 3 administrative districts: namely, Amphoe Muang, Amphoe Thalang and Amphoe Kathu.

Breakfast at hotel.

Start the day with Thai cooking experience at Phuket Thai Cookery School. There is no better way to learn Thai Cooking once you are in Thailand. The cooking course starts with a visit of local market, an introduction to Thai ingredients and actual cooking, with a wide selection of mouth-watering Thai dishes. The course has been designed as a half-day course with a warm and easy-going atmosphere of Thai hospitality, breathtaking scenery of the mountains and miles of sandy white beach on Siray Island. You will also have the chance to prepare food yourself step by step with a great help from professional instructors. The day is full of fun with a real hands-on experience and testing of what you have cooked will only add more fun.

After lunch of your own cook, head towards Chalong Bay Rum distillery for a fun tropical cocktail workshop with general rum production information.

Two hours experience including 3 cocktails and distillery discovery. Blending vision and passion, unique dream is to create truly original handcrafted rum using sustainable production that binds the traditional French art of distillation with the rich sugarcane heritage of Thailand.

After enjoying your own made tropical cocktail, we will proceed to Weekend Market, or Talat Thai Rot (Phuket Town). This is by far the biggest market in Phuket and opens on Saturdays and Sundays only from mid-afternoon until late at night. Some people call it JJ Market (Jatujak or Chatuchak) just like the famous one in Bangkok equivalent. Besides, a fascinating jumble of goods and souvenirs on sales, here you can sample tasty street food and get a chance to taste your light dinner at this area. This place is a popular spot for locals as well as visitors. Our guide will recommend you for dishes worth trying. You can wash your stomach down with hot or cold drinks before returning to your hotel.

Breakfast at hotel.

Phuket’s cuisine has a strong influence from China, one of the Chinese influenced food that is common to eat for breakfast or brunch in Phuket is Dim Sum. Visit Boonrad Dim Sum, one of the most popular dim sum restaurant to sample a few dishes and enjoy the atmosphere and the culture at the same time. In addition of Dim Sum, it offers other breakfast foods such as Congee with preserved eggs, Tungtod (local food), Pork ribs with Thai spices and noodle soup in local style.

Continue your gastronomic day to Rang hill, one of the few and best viewpoints on the eastern coast of Phuket. Then, take a long-tail speedboat from Laem Hin Pier to visit Kru Wit Floating Restaurant the floating freshly live seafood restaurant in Phuket. The highlight is the fresh-live seafood cooked by talented professional chefs with the fresh-air comfortable atmosphere. Enjoy fresh seafood lunch menu cooked from Lobster, Crab meat, fish and prawn.

This afternoon, return to your hotel or Phuket International Airport for your next destination.

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