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Norways Magical Northern Lights

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Visit Norway’s arctic region and take part in one of our winter packages to explore the Nordic wilderness and to catch the mysterious Northern Lights.

Here is a selection of our most popular packages:

Winter City Break in Tromso with Northern Lights – 3 nights /4 days – (available November thru March)
Visit Tromsoe the capital of the Arctic, surrounded by mountains, fjords and islands. Hunt for the magical Northern Lights, experience the Sami culture and explore the Nordic wilderness during a traditional husky sledding or snowmobile safari.
Tromso a beautiful and lively city, is the perfect place for an exciting winter holiday.

Arrival to Trosmo by flight – Private transfer to hotel by minivan

Afternoon/Evening at leisure – Lunch and Dinner under own arrangements
Overnight at Scandic Ishavshotel or similar in Tromsoe

Breakfast at hotel
Morning and afternoon at leisure

Optional tour

10.00am – Sami Reindeer Feeding Program (3-4 Hours)
Join Sami guides for an unforgettable reindeer experience. After a 30-minute drive from the city center, you will visit their camp and have a chance to feed the hers of around 200 reindeer who will swarm all around and some will even eat from your hands. You will then be invited inside a gamme (a traditional Sami hut) where you will be served warm drinks and a traditional Sami meal will be cooked over the fire. After lunch, you will be invited into a lavvo ( Sami herdsmen tent) and gather round the fire to listen to stories about Sami culture and how it is to be a reindeer herded. the Sami guide will also perform a joik (traditional song) for the guests.

Lunch and Dinner under own arrangements

6:15pm – Aurora Safari to Base Station with hot meal ( 6 Hours )
Each evening it is choosen to which Base Station to visit to have the best opportunity to see the Northern Lights. If the weather changes and clouds move in, the tour moves to another location. You will be driven by comfortable coaches with on-board toilet and a dedicated guide.
On base station there is a local host with lots of stories about the local culture and history to tell! At Base Stations are located warm shelters (a traditional lavvo tent or a heated and cosy building), toilet facilities, campfires and benches outside. During the tour hot drinks and light local meal will be served. This tour offers the best possibility to catch the Northern Lights.

Overnight at Scandic Ishavshotel or similar in Tromso

Breakfast at hotel

09:00am – Snowmobile Safari (7 Hours)
The tour begins with safety instructions. The trail has a distance of approximately 15 km each way, 30 km in total. The starting point is at 250 m above sea level, and your guide brings you up to 875m. You will be driving in pairs, one driver and one passenger on each snowmobile with an opportunity to switch places during the trip. At the end of the trip, a hot meal will be served in a lavvu. Solo drive is possible for extra charge.


09:00am – Dog Sledding (7 Hours)
The dog sledding winter adventure starts with learning how to drive in a dog sled team. Then you drive the dog sled into the winter landscapes, through the beautiful valley of Vass. The trails you follow have a total distance of approximately 15 km. You will drive in pairs, one driver and one passenger on each sled, with opportunity to switch places half way. You will receive a traditional hot meal during the excursion.

Lunch and dinner under own arrangement.

Overnight at Scandic Ishavshotel or similar in Tromso

Breakfast at hotel

Check out from hotel and transfer to the airport by minivan for your departure by flight.

Winter in Alta Northern Norway – 4 nights / 5 days (available October thru March)
Enjoy a special winter holiday in the largest town of the northernmost county of Norway. The location of Alta reaches of the Alta Fjord, means that municipality is able to offer forests, mountain plateau and coastal and mountain landscapes. It offers numerous opportunities for fishing, hiking, meeting with husky dogs or visit the beautiful North Cape.

Arrival to Alta by flight – Private transfer to hotel by minibus

Afternoon/Evening at leisure
Lunch and dinner under own arrangements
Overnight at Thon Hotel Alta or similar in Alta

Breakfast at hotel

Optional tour
10:00am Ice Fishing (4.5 hours)

A really popular activity here in the north is to go ice fishing. Back in the days it was a way to ensure survival in remote areas with little food sources during the hard winter time. But nowadays it is meant to be done for leaned-back outdoor recreation, social get-together and fun.
Dressed in properly warm clothing we bring with us ice drill, jigging equipment (special, sensitive ice fishing rod), hot beverages and snacks. We head for the frozen lakes with direct road connection where we try to make a good catch and prepare it on the fire. No fish? Then we will make something else instead. If you want you can help us to start the camp fire, drill holes in the ice and prepare the fishing gear to be involved in a whole winter outdoor experience. Otherwise the beautiful winter surrounding is inviting you to wander around and relax on reindeer skins until your guide will make you familiar with the fishing gear and jigging technique to increase the chances of success.

Lunch and dinner under own arrangements

7:00pm Northern Lights Safari with bus (5 hours)
Come with us to hunt the Northern Lights by bus!  We will leave behind us all the artificial lights from town. According to the weather forecast and with our specific knowledge about the topography surrounding Alta we will go for the clearest skies and the best photo location.
To make sure that you feel comfortable during our trip you can lend thermal dresses, warm winter boots, hats and gloves for free.  Our local and experienced guides will explain the history and science behind the Northern Lights and will give camera support. They also take portraits of you and the best pictures will be sent to your e-mail address. Duration can vary depending on how early the Northern Lights appears and how far we need to drive to find the phenomenon. Our only main goal is that YOU see the Northern Lights to provide your most unique
experience in the Arctic Region.

Overnight at Thon Hotel Alta or similar in Alta

Breakfast at hotel

09:00am North Cape – the end of the world! (9 hours)
To be on 71° 10ʹ 21ʹʹ N, standing on the plateau of the famous cliff known as the North Cape, 307 meter (1007 ft.) above sea level, facing north and seeing nothing but the slightly curved horizon of the endless Barents Sea meeting the sky, that is the aim of this tour! Starting from Alta with a comfortable minibus and an experienced local driverguide, the tour will bring us through the spectacular nature of our county Finnmark. From luscious Alta, over mountain passes with no vegetation, scarcely vegetated fiord landscape and up to the moon-like Magerøya where we find North Cape. You will get loads of stories and information about our history, culture and wildlife from the guide during the tour. There will be coffee break at good photo location on the way. To have reached “the end of the world” as Francesco Negri described it in 1664 deserves a celebration. You will get a glass of champagne and a diploma confirming that you have been in persona at North Cape. The Visitor Center has cafés, restaurant, an exclusive gift shop, post office, a spectacular panoramic film, historical exhibitions, post office, museum and an ecumenical chapel. The center is an attraction in its own means!  In the winter months the last 13 km will be behind a snowplough in a convoy of coaches and cars that leaves on fixed departure times.

Lunch and dinner under own arrangements

Overnight at Thon Hotel Alta or similar in Alta

Breakfast at hotel

11:00am Alta – the Slate City (2.5 hours)
We pick you up at your hotel and lead you to the slate quarry Pæskatun around 20 minutes south of Alta. On the way up and later back from Pæskatun we pass the city centre and the main attractions of Alta, like the Northern Lights Cathedral, the old Alta Church and the slate port.
Along the way, our local and experienced tour guide loves to share the knowledge about Alta and point out the everywhere presence of our 800 million years old slate. The history of the Alta slate industry reaches back to the end of 1860s. Up in the mountains at Pæskatun a
visually and acoustically impressive presentation will teach you everything about the world famous Alta Quartzite Slate. It shows you how it is taken out of the mountain and how the slate workers make a roof tile out of the huge slate blocks. Afterward it’s your turn to be a “slateworker-for-a-day” by using the traditional slate scissors to make your own real and unique Alta Slate souvenir! When done with the “hard” labour it is time to relax, explore our slate quarry or have a look into our slate worker hut museum to see how they lived and worked during the weekdays in the past. And let your eyes wander about the peaceful and calming scenery of the Alta river valley before we unfortunately have to tear us away from Pæskatun.

Afternoon/Evening at leisure.
Lunch and dinner under own arrangements

Overnight at Thon Hotel Alta or similar in Alta

Breakfast at hotel

Check out from hotel for your Private transfer to the airport by minibus for your departure by flight.

Here is a selection of our most popular excursions:

Aurora Safari To Base Station (6 hours) (available October thru March)

Tour includes:
– English-speaking Northern Lights guide
– Transport by comfortable coach with beautiful Northern Lights video shown on the go
– Hot chocolate, coffee, tea, sweet local cake
– Access to a high-resolution photos
– Overalls and tripods for use during the stay at the Base Station

Northern Lights Safari And Sami Experience (6-7 hours) (available January thru March)

Tour includes:
– English-speaking guide
– Transport by comfortable bus/minibus
– Warm outdoor winter clothing and shoes
– Visit of the Sami village of Maze
– Northern Light Hunt around the Northern Lights Camp Alta at Paeskatun
– Sami meal around the campfire

Night Time Dog Sledding (7 hours) (available November thru March)

Tour includes:
– English-speaking guide
– Transport by comfortable bus/minibus
– Introduction by experienced mushers on how to drive a dog sled
– 1.5-2 hours dog sledding
– a hot meal and fresh coffee in a Sami tent
Warm outdoor winter clothing

Daytrip To The North Cape (9-10 hours) (available all year on a daily basis)

Tour includes:
– English-speaking local local driverguide
– Transport by comfortable minibus to the Visitor Center
– Hot hot beverages and snacks on photo stops during the way
– Glass of champagne and a diploma confirming that you have been in persona at North Cape

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Phone one of our Scandinavia Specialist at 1-800-227-5317 to start planning your Norway Holiday now!

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