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Voyager Estate Tour, Australia's South West

Ultimate Winery Experiences of Australia


Our premium award winning wineries offer lovers of great wine unique experiences in Australia’s most famous wine region, including barrel, private and structured tastings, food-wine matching, wine education and gastronomy in spectacular locations.

Australia is home to some of the world’s oldest vines and has 60+ wine regions that produce more than 100 different grape varieties. From east coast to west, maritime to cool climate, mainland, island, isolated and large metropolis, we have selected the wine regions that we think reflect the most authentic expressions of ‘terroir’ with the highest quality wine making, picturesque environments and wineries to visit.

Phone one of our Aussie Wine & Food Specialists to help select the Wineries that extend the Winery Experience you are seeking – phone us at 1-800-227-5317 to start planning your Ultimate Winery Experience now!

To view the Ultimate Wineries of Australia visit:

We here at PDC have a sense of humor, and to prove it, we’d like to share Monty Python’s purely sarcastic and satirical take on Australian wines:


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